When you order concrete for you job add 10% extra to allow for setting, uneven sub grade and spillage. Use an online concrete calculator to determine the quantity that you will need and round up to the nearest ¼ yard.

Concrete Calculator

Placing Your Order

    Please provide the following information to provide timely delivery

  • Company or Customer Name
  • Contact information such as a foreman’s name phone number
  • A physical job site address including the nearest intersection
  • When you would like the product delivered
  • A description of what the product is being used for
  • Any additives required such as fibers, color, accelerators, etc.
  • Any specific mix design required

Preparing For The Delivery

    Our trucks are quite large, to ensure that we can reach your site, please keep these measurements in mind:

  • Length: 35 feet
  • Width: 9 feet
  • Height: 13.5 feet
  • Turn radius: 37 feet
  • Maximum chute length: 12 feet

In addition, these trucks are heavy and can cause concrete to crack when it is driven on. In soft yards, there will be ruts in the yard during the wet season. We are not responsible for any damages.

We require a place to wash up on site.

5 of the Red-D Mixers

A small part of Red-D-Mix Concrete’s mixer fleet.